When beautiful WMIA news reporter Dana Diamond goes in search of the ultimate story, she gets more than she bargained for.  On a riot-torn Halloween night (Devil's Night), Dana is lured into an old, decrepit house by Leonard, a sadistic transient, promising real-life violence she can capture on camera.  Inside, her worst nightmares are realized as SHE now becomes the ultimate story: Dana is kidnapped by Leonard's crazed, incestuous family; Fermentia, the matriarch, and Pussey, her daughter, who live in a house full of stinking, rotting, decades-old garbage.

Inside, Dana endures the most brutal and unspeakable ordeals imaginable, mentally and physically tortured to the limit, as she hallucinates monsters emerging from the garbage piles, including MeatMan, a humanoid being made of fat, gristle, and rotting meat pieces.  Her horrifying ordeal terrifyingly crescendos as she is forced to take Leonard's hand in a twisted "Hallowedding" ceremony, and forced to play a sick Halloween bobbing game - in which the lunatic family substitutes something maddeningly sadistic for apples!

Will Dana survive the unrelenting attack of her merciless tormentors?  Find out in the savage, unflinching, horror tour-de-force "Filthy"!